Trio Noble-Slavík-Clarvis

The Trio features Czech double-bassist Jiří Slavík in collaboration with two generation-older English musicians – extraordinary jazz pianist Liam Noble and home percussionist from Abbey Road Studios Paul Clarvis, whose duo recordings had a major impact on Slavík since the times when he first met them as a student of the Royal Academy of Music in London. Their first trio album entitled Nostalgia is thus a partial return to the past – that’s why besides original music it contains arrangements of pieces b G. Gershwin and Ch. Mingus or surprising cover versions of world-famous songs like It’s a Long Way To Tipperary or the Beer Barrel Polka.  Together they play a purely acoustic that is deeply based on the jazz tradition and ways of playing from the past. These are however creatively transformed in a way, so that they would reflect the present as well as lead into possible future evolution of this genre.

Line Up: Liam Noble – piano, Jiri Slavik – Bass & Paul Clarvis – drums