Jazz at Wolverhampton

AADAL unites the talents of the four musicians: Michael Aadal – guitar / André Kassen – saxophone / Audun Ramo – bass and Gunnar Sæter – drums which brings a collective sound that is unlike any other. The music of AADAL is a unique amalgam of typical Scandinavian melancholy and more Americana inspired soundscapes with an always present melody. Inspired by artists such as Brian Blade, Bill Frisell, Daniel Lanois, The War on Drugs and Bon Iver.

The band: Michael Aadal – guitar André Kassen – saxophones Audun Ramo – bass Gunnar Sæter – drums

“The band’s musicianship is superb, with each member contributing their skills to create a cohesive and harmonious experience. The compositions on the Voyager album are impressive with their hidden depth, accessibility to the listener and intense moments of calm and sound painting.” Patrick Spanko, SK Jazz

 “Aadal take their time. They give a lot. You get a lot back too.” Stephen Graham, Marlbank