Ollie Usiskin's 'Experience Beck'

A tribute to iconic guitarist Jeff Beck featuring jazz-rock from the "Wired" and "Blow by Blow" albums

We’re no strangers to the music of Jeff Beck on the Music Spoken Here stage at The Marr’s Bar. In January, FNUK (which included Jeff Beck’s pianist of six years, Jason Rebello in the line-up) featured the astounding guitarist Paul Stacey playing Beck’s arrangement of ‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’ (see the video here), and played ‘Led Boots’ as an encore. Slinky Machine dedicated their performance of Billy Cobham’s ‘Stratus’ to the man in March, and in April, Sam Leak’s Looking Glass included ‘Love Is Green’ in their set.

This new project from drummer and bandleader Ollie Usiskin presents music from his 1975 ‘Blow by Blow’ and 1976 ‘Wired’ albums, considered important contributions to the jazz-rock genre that also featured in the 2007 ‘Jeff Beck performing this week at Ronnie Scott’s’ live album and DVD (featuring Jason Rebello, Vinnie Colaiuta and the 21-year-old Tal Wilkenfeld).

Ollie is joined by Guy D’Angelo on guitar, Aurelius Sciuka on keys and Rob Statham on bass, with special guest OJ Jennings on vocals